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    Job Description

    Chief Operations Officer

    Job Description:

    Chief Operations Officer is an executive position tasked with overseeing projects at the highest level within the company. This person evaluates individual services delivery projects, reviews their performance levels and profitability, and corrects issues within the projects. As the senior project delivery officer within the company, this individual evaluates company systems and procedures to improve efficiency and communications. These may include financial, employee/contractor recordkeeping, security, data management, project management, and other systems both virtual and manual.

    The individual seeks and provides information to the VP of Engineering, coordinating engineering, manufacturing, and product development activities within the company.

    The position also oversees financial planning, budgeting, and financial management activities within organization.

    Reports to CEO

    Subordinates: Controller, Project Managers


    • Financial background as Chief Financial Officer, Controller, or similar;
    • Substantial experience managing resources and people in a services delivery environment;
    • Articulate and capable leader
    • Substantial experience using project management tools and software
    • Strong senior project management capabilities
    • Strong communications abilities, both verbally and written
    • Project profit/loss, performance, and client satisfaction evaluation and remediation skills
    • Proactive assessment of systems and workflows with the ability to improve operational procedures
    • Excellent conflict resolution capabilities
    • Ability to manage technically-oriented service delivery projects at an executive level
    • Familiar with and able to use cloud-based project, time and billing, and similar distributed systems and resources
    • Ability to manage remotely-distributed people and resources
    • IT and data management oversight experience and capabilities
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